Second Collegiate (Grade 9) Class ca. 1924

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dc.creator Gauvin & Gentzel 2010-11-26T17:05:05Z 2010-11-26T17:05:05Z ca. 1924 1924
dc.identifier.other 98.04.0383
dc.description b&w photograph
dc.description Very good. Scratch next to first boy from left in third last row. Size with matte 29.9 cm x 35 cm. Tape along top edge of matte. Small stain above photo, five inches from right edge of matte. Came with white frame-matte attached to front.
dc.description Group photo of 51 boys in six rows (4 standing, 1 sitting on chairs, 1 sitting cross-legged on the floor). Three of the boys seated on the floor also appear in 98.04.0377 in Scottish costume: the boy second from the right is Richard A. Donahoe; the boy fourth from the right is Gerald Murphy; and the boy fifth from the right is Billy Murphy. Dick Donahoe and Gerry Murphy also appear in the Dramatic Class photo (2-3 years older) on pg. 22 of the 1928 yearbook, second from left and second from right, respectively. Continuing in this Grade 9 photo, third row l to r: Francis Murphy, Eddie "Ovie" Martin, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Jim McGuire, ?. Fifth row l to r: ?, ?, Bob Donnelly, ?, John Clancy, ?, ?, ?. In 2015 J. Mills recognised many boys in this and other photos spanning several years, but frustratingly the yearbooks have not supplied their names, nor is there a surviving hard copy of the 1924 yearbook.
dc.description Embossed in lower right corner of matte: 'Gauvin & Gentzel, Halifax, Can.' Written in pencil on reverse: 'Collegiate II Grade IX 1923-24.' In top left corner of reverse is '2.,' and in top right corner of reverse is '67.0'. From Art Gallery.
dc.description Date Catalogued: 5/15/1998
dc.description.provenance Made available in DSpace on 2010-11-26T17:05:05Z (GMT). No. of bitstreams: 0 en
dc.format.extent 18.9 cm x 24 cm
dc.subject.other People
dc.subject.other Class Photographs
dc.subject.other Students
dc.subject.other Saint Mary's High School
dc.subject.other Windsor Street Campus
dc.subject.other Donahoe, Richard A., 1909-2000
dc.subject.other Murphy, Gerald B.
dc.subject.other Murphy, William B.
dc.subject.other Murphy, Francis Edward
dc.subject.other Martin, Edward Michael
dc.subject.other McGuire, James P.
dc.subject.other Donnelly, Robert V.
dc.subject.other Clancy, John
dc.title Second Collegiate (Grade 9) Class ca. 1924
dc.type Image
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