Graduates in Art Murphy Centre, 1954

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dc.identifier.other 98.04.0537
dc.description b&w photograph
dc.description Fair condition: sides curling, photo yellowing, top right corner torn, top left corner wrinkled and ripped, rip and crease along top edge and tape on top two corners of reverse
dc.description Group photo of 29 students in Art Murphy Centre on campus, almost all of them graduates of that year. Photo of the same group, just posed slightly differently, is found on p. 8 of the 1954 yearbook. Named rows of students are based on physical position of the tiers of wooden desks for clarity. Front row l to r (all seated): Harry Slaunwhite, John Granville (check necktie), Ian MacDougall (wearing glasses), John Miller (arms crossed), and John Brean. Second row l to r: Pete Burchell, Harvey Meuse (bowtie, wearing glasses), Ken Robertson, Pat Napier (narrow face), and Richard Pereira (bowtie). Third row l to r: Ed Young (leaning forward), Jim Warner, Frank Nolan (heavy brow!), John O'Neill and Bill Currie (both behind Ian's shoulders), and Lawrence Cruickshank (narrow face). Fourth row l to r, all seated: Ken Driscoll and Ian Cato (both behind Bill Currie's shoulders, Ian stroking his chin with his hand), and Dave Arscott (between Ken and Ian). Back row l to r (all appear to be standing): Frank Fitch (leaning forward slightly), Fernando Maselli, Gil Correia and Bill Jerrett (Gil has his hand on Bill's shoulder), Gerry David (leaning forward), Lawrence Bowes (narrow face), Joe Comeau (behind Ian), Brian Hernon (stroking his chin with his hand), Stan McFadden (wearing glasses), and Adelbert Comeau (in profile, not wearing his glasses!). Eric Duggan (whose name is written in pencil on the back of the photo) is not actually in the picture. Pete Burchell is not a 1954 graduate. Identities confirmed by J. Mills in 2014.
dc.description Written in pencil on reverse: '85.0' and '55-58.' Written in ink on reverse: 'Frank Fitch, Gil Correia, Bill Jarrett, Ian Cato, Stan MacFadden, John Granville, Ed Young, Jim Warner, Eric Duggan, John Miller, Ken Robertson, Bill Currie, Harvey Meuse, Pat Napier, Frank Nolan, Gerald David, Brian Hernan, Peter Burchell, Laurie Brean.' Came in white mat with '85.0' written in pencil on reverse. From Art Gallery.
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dc.format.extent 20.5 cm x 25.4 cm
dc.subject.other People
dc.subject.other Students
dc.subject.other Graduates
dc.subject.other Slaunwhite, Harry Earle
dc.subject.other Granville, John Frederick
dc.subject.other MacDougall, Ian
dc.subject.other Miller, John R.
dc.subject.other Brean, John Lawrence
dc.subject.other Burchell, Peter
dc.subject.other Meuse, Harvey Joseph
dc.subject.other Robertson, Kenneth Leo
dc.subject.other Napier, Patrick Leo
dc.subject.other Pereira, Richard Noel
dc.subject.other Young, Edward
dc.subject.other Warner, James
dc.subject.other Nolan, Francis
dc.subject.other O'Neill, John Denis
dc.subject.other Currie, William
dc.subject.other Cruickshank, Lawrence
dc.subject.other Driscoll, Kenneth V.
dc.subject.other Arscott, David D.
dc.subject.other Cato, Ian
dc.subject.other Fitch, Francis
dc.subject.other Maselli, Fernando
dc.subject.other Correia, Gilbert Bento, 1931-2011
dc.subject.other Jerrett, William
dc.subject.other David, Gerald Luke
dc.subject.other Bowes, Lawrence E.
dc.subject.other Comeau, Joseph Desire
dc.subject.other Hernon, Brian Vincent
dc.subject.other McFadden, Stanislaus
dc.subject.other Comeau, Adelbert Joseph
dc.title Graduates in Art Murphy Centre, 1954
dc.type Image
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