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  • Austin, Roby Anne Elizabeth, 1974-; Laffoley, A. T.; Svensson, C. E.; Andreoiu, C.; Ball, G. C.; Blank, B.; Bouzomita, H.; Cross, D. S.; Diaz Varela, A.; Dunlop, R. (American Physical Society, 2013)
    The half-life of the superallowed Fermi [beta][superscript +] emitter [superscript 14]O has been determined via simultaneous direct [beta] and [gamma] counting experiments at TRIUMF’s Isotope Separator and Accelerator ...

  • Guenther, David B.; Townsend, R. H. D.; Rivinius, Th.; Rowe, J. F.; Moffat, A. F. J.; Matthews, J. M.; Bohlender, D.; Neiner, C.; Telting, J. H.; Kallinger, T. (American Astronomical Society, 2013-05-20)
    We present results from three weeks’ photometric monitoring of the magnetic helium-strong star [sigma] Ori E using the Microvariability and Oscillations of Stars microsatellite. The star’s light curve is dominated by ...

  • Henry, Eric S. (American Anthropological Association, 2013)
    Some of the most recognizable urban figures in China today are not even Chinese, but “foreigners.” Foreigners stand out from the crowd, not simply because of their perceived racial distinctiveness, but because they are ...

  • Charles, Anthony Trevor, 1956- (Springer, 2011)
    This paper provides a preliminary exploration of current debates over the nature and interaction of rights within small-scale fisheries, and the connection of these rights with issues of global trade, subsidies and food ...

  • Noerdlinger, Peter D. (American Institute of Physics, 2007-12)
    There is no abstract available for this article.

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