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  • McFadden, Alex (2015-04-15)
    This paper seeks to add to the concept of linear small to medium-sized enterprise growth research through the analysis of existing linear growth models, and common causes of failure. Two literature reviews starting with a ...

  • MacDonald, Heather Elizabeth (2015-04-17)
    Empathy, though not a new concept in the medical profession, is a new phenomenon discussed in management and leadership literature. Leaders need to be mindful and critical of where they get their information about how and ...

  • Newman, Jennie J. (2016-05-16)
    In Mathematics, graph theory is the study of graphs, which consist of a set of points, called vertices, and the connections between them, called edges. Domination is a subfield of this study, which looks at subsets of ...

  • Saint Mary's University (Halifax, N.S.) (Saint Mary's University, 1959-12-11)

  • Saint Mary's University (Halifax, N.S.) (Saint Mary's University, 1959-11-20)

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