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  • Sun, Genlou; Chen, Qijiao; Zhang, Lianquan; Yuan, Zhongwei; Yan, Zehong; Zheng, Youliang; Liu, Dengcai (Agricultural Institute of Canada, 2008)
    Due to the high polymorphisms between synthetic hexaploid wheat (SHW) and common wheat, SHW has been widely used in genetic studies. The transferability of simple sequence repeats (SSR) among common wheat and its donor ...

  • Cleary, Sean; Povel, Paul; Raith, Michael (Cambridge University Press, 2007-03)
    We analyze how the availability of internal funds affects a firm’s investment. We show that under fairly standard assumptions, the relation is U-shaped: investment increases monotonically with internal funds if they are ...

  • Deupree, Robert G. (Robert Gaston), 1946-; Castaneda, Diego; Pena, Fernando; Short, C. Ian (American Astronomical Society, 2012-07)
    Spectral energy distributions are computed using two-dimensional (2D) rotating stellar models and non-LTE plane-parallel model atmospheres. A rotating, 2D stellar model has been found that matches the observed ultraviolet ...

  • Saint Mary's University (Halifax, N.S. : Saint Mary's University, 2014-01-18)

  • Austin, Roby Anne Elizabeth, 1974-; Garrett, P. E.; Andreyev, A.; Ball, G. C.; Bandyopadhyay, D.; Becker, J. A.; Boston, A. J.; Chakrawarthy, R. S.; Cline, D.; Cooper, R. J. (Jagiellonian University in cooperation with the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2007)
    The radioactive beam laboratory at TRIUMF is currently the highest power ISOL facility in the world. Taking advantage of the high-intensity beams, major programs in nuclear astrophysics, nuclear structure, and weak interaction ...

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