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  • Garcia, Gaston Andres; Mastnak, Mitja (International Press, 2015)
    We introduce a method to construct explicitly multiplicative 2-cocycles for bosonizations of Nichols algebras B(V ) over Hopf algebras H. These cocycles arise as liftings of H-invariant linear functionals on V [circle ...

  • Mastnak, Mitja; Nica, Alexandru (World Scientific Publishing, 2015-02-12)
    We follow the guiding line offered by canonical operators on the full Fock space, in order to identify what kind of cumulant functionals should be considered for the concept of bi-free independence introduced in the recent ...

  • Angiono, Ivan; Kochetov, Mikhail; Mastnak, Mitja (Elsevier, 2015-12)
    We study deformations of graded braided bialgebras using cohomological methods. In particular, we show that many examples of Nichols algebras, including the finite-dimensional ones arising in the Andruskiewitsch-Schneider ...

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