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  • Patterson, Victoria C. (Halifax, N.S. : Saint Mary's University, 2014)
    The research on resilience is largely focused on its development in children, workers in high-stress jobs, and ill or injured persons. However, relatively little is known about its relationship with coping mechanisms and ...

  • Alaffe, Rebecca Leanne (Halifax, N.S. : Saint Mary's University, 2017)
    The current study examined gender differences in self-perceptions in emerging adulthood. Specifically, associations between social self-efficacy and two indices of self-esteem (self-perceived appearance and global self-worth) ...

  • MacLellan, Matthew Gregoire (Halifax, N.S. : Saint Mary's University, 2013)
    In 1972, David Kipnis conducted an experimental study where participants (28 MBA students) acted as supervisors for a simulated task. Half of the participants were told they had a number of institutional powers to employ ...



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