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  • Thibault, Tabatha (2022-08-02)
    Workplace dignity has been an emerging topic in psychology in the last decade and is theoretically tied to employee well-being (Khademi et al., 2012; Utriainen & Kyngäs, 2011). However, dignity at work has been difficult ...

  • Sanders, Emma L. (Halifax, N.S. : Saint Mary's University, 2022-05-02)
    Advancing the “push-pull debate” (Hughes, 2003), this research draws on Budig’s (2006) disadvantaged worker and class-mobility hypotheses to identify the push and pull-factors that inform mothers’ decisions to self-employ ...

  • Saint Mary's University (Halifax, N.S.) (Saint Mary's University, 1955-05)

  • Unknown author (Patrick Power Library, Saint Mary's University, 2021)
    An interview with Dr. Rohini Bannerjee, Associate Vice-President, Diversity Excellence, and a professor in the Modern Languages & Classics department. Interviewed by librarian Shawna Murphy in the fall of 2021, Dr. Bannerjee ...

  • Flood, Katie A. (Halifax, N.S. : Saint Mary's University, 2022-05-12)
    France was a major European imperialist country and increased its reach by colonizing many parts of Africa, Asia, North America, and the Caribbean. This brought the French into contact with different cultures and ...

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