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  • Kanungo, Rituparna; Sanetullaev, Alisher; Tanaka, J.; Ishimoto, S.; Hagen, G.; Myo, T.; Suzuki, T.; Andreoiu, C.; Bender, P.; Chen, A. A.; Fortin, J. P.; Purcell, Julia; Randhawa, Jaspreet (American Physical Society, 2015-05-12)

    The first conclusive evidence of a dipole resonance in 11Li having isoscalar character observed from inelastic scattering with a novel solid deuteron target is reported. The experiment was performed at the ...

  • Kanungo, Rituparna; Prochazka, A.; Uchida, M.; Horiuchi, W.; Hagen, G.; Papenbrock, T.; Nociforo, C.; Aumann, T.; Boutin, D.; Cortina-Gil, D. (American Physical Society, 2011-12-21)
    New measurements of the interaction cross sections of [superscript 22,23]O at 900A MeV performed at the GSI, Darmstadt are reported that address the unsolved puzzle of the large cross section previously observed for ...

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