Reception for Graduating Hopefuls, 1964

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dc.identifier.other 98.04.0800
dc.description b&w photograph
dc.description Good condition with emulsion lines showing and reverse side yellowing.
dc.description Panoramic photo of a reception probably in the days leading up to Convocation, as priests and faculty mingle socially with soon-to-be graduates. Father Fogarty (far left, jutting chin) chats with Physics faculty F. Tomscha (looking at Fogarty) and Commerce student Pierre Champagne (much shorter, in profile to right). Just off centre, Father Belair (grey hair and glasses, arms crossed, Dean of Discipline from 1948-1967) and Father Stewart (dark hair, back to camera) listen as tall Commerce student Barry Lacombe holds forth. At far right, Father Rourke (grey hair and glasses) converses with two unknown gentlemen. Behind him Biology lab professor Enriqueta Rojo stands (back to camera) holding a drink, handbag on her left arm. At upper right, Father Brown keeps shy Arts student David Gray (wearing bow tie) company. Identities confirmed by J. Mills in 2016.
dc.description Stamped in black on reverse is '37 771. Came in file folder marked 'Receptions'. From Art Gallery.
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dc.format.extent 12.1 cm x 17.6 cm
dc.subject.other People
dc.subject.other McNally Building
dc.subject.other Social Activities
dc.subject.other Faculty
dc.subject.other Students
dc.subject.other Clergy
dc.subject.other Unturbe Rojo, Enriqueta
dc.subject.other Tomscha, Frank
dc.subject.other Fogarty, Daniel M.
dc.subject.other Belair, Murray John
dc.subject.other Stewart, William Arthur, 1915-2009
dc.subject.other Brown, Edward M.
dc.subject.other Rourke, Daniel W.
dc.subject.other Lacombe, Barry
dc.subject.other Champagne, Pierre
dc.subject.other Gray, David
dc.title Reception for Graduating Hopefuls, 1964
dc.type Image
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