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  • Miskun, Ivan; Dickel, Timo; Mardor, Israel; Hornung, Christine; Amanbayev, Daler; San Andres, Samuel Ayet; Bergmann, Julian; Ebert, Jens; Geissel, Hans; Gorska, Magdalena; Greiner, Florian; Haettner, Emma; Plaß, Wolfgang R.; Purushothaman, Sivaji; Scheidenberger, Christoph; Rink, Ann-Kathrin; Weick, Helmut; Bagchi, Soumya; Constantin, Paul; Kaur, Satbir; Lippert, Wayne; Mei, Bo; Moore, Iain; Otto, Jan-Hendrick; Pietri, Stephane; Pohjalainen, Ilkka; Prochazka, Andrej; Rappold, Christophe; Reiter, Moritz P.; Tanaka, Yoshiki K.; Winfield, John S. (Springer Nature, 2019-09-04)
    A novel method for simultaneous measurement of masses, Q-values, isomer excitation energies, half-lives and decay branching ratios of exotic nuclei has been demonstrated. The method includes first use of a stopping cell ...

  • Alcota, Marcela; Manríquez, José M.; Cornejo‐Ovalle, Marco; Salinas, Juan C.; Catano, Victor M.; Ruiz de Gauna, Pilar; González, Fermín E. (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2019-05)
    Objective: It is recognized that professionalism should play a central role in dental education. However, its implementation into the curricula of dental schools is still limited. Our objective was to identify the main ...

  • Kennedy, Seán (AEDEI, 2019-10)
    In a forceful critique of previous scholarship, Lloyd (Meadhbh) Houston discerns evidence of “sectarian eugenicism” in Beckett’s writings. It is a startling claim, and there are problems to it. In particular, I suggest, ...

  • Kennedy, Seán (AEDEI, 2019-03-17)
    In the Romantic tradition of the lyric described by Hegel, Paula Meehan’s “Troika” offers a transfiguration of Irish shame. Situating Irish shame against the background of systemic inequalities in the Irish state, ...

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